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DAVIS -- Greetings soccer fans, and welcome to my personal website. This project has been in the works for a long time, so I'm excited that everything is finally all set to go, which will let me focus on my passion: writing about soccer.

For those of you familiar with my work, either with The Davis Enterprise,, or on various other web platforms, not a ton will change with what I'm writing on a regular basis. I'm still on the beat for Sacramento Republic FC, UC Davis soccer, and Davis High soccer.

The difference with this space is that I'll be able to expand on my coverage. I can't explain how often a few minor tidbits from reporting get lost in the bigger picture.

This is where my "extra" pieces will come in. I haven't decided yet a name these "extra" stories (working title: "stoppage time"), but for each game I attend, I'll include on this website a link to the story along with a few extra details and/or soundbites from the team or teams involved.

In addition,, gives me a platform to write about more than just what I can cover in the newspaper. Expect more in-depth interviews, features, and random posts from my life on the soccer road here.

Overall, this should just be a place to conglomerate my thoughts on the beautiful game and anything else I choose to write about.

So please, let me know what you'd like more of regarding soccer in Northern California. It's my goal to bring to you, the reader, as much coverage as possible.

There are so many great stories about soccer in the area that haven't been told. I want to tell these stories.

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