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I'm back

Apologies for the lack of coverage over the past week, but for as much as I love my job (and I really do), even I like to spend a week or so in paradise every year.

I took this image last week 5,000 feet above the Kauai coast. Before I get to the real point of this post, if you're going to go to Hawaii, go to Kauai. The island is the same size as Oahu but with about 900,000 fewer people. Every beach my family and I went to seemed almost deserted. What a beautiful place.

That being said, I'm back and ready to deliver more content than ever. You can expect a ton of local soccer coverage starting now, and continuing indefinitely.

In addition to finishing up my MLS Road Trip Flashback series, here is what you can expect from me weekly in this space:

  • Sacramento area pro soccer recap to run Mondays (example)

  • Catching up with... to run Tuesdays (example)

  • Republic Stoppage Time to run when I feel like it(example)

And I'll also be continuing my soccer coverage with The Davis Enterprise, where my column runs every Wednesday and my Republic notebook publishes every Friday.

It's my goal with this site to keep the Sacramento soccer community as informed as possible, and I'll be redoubling my efforts now that I'm home.

Check back tomorrow for an MLS Road Trip piece and the Sac area pro soccer recap.

I'm glad to be back.

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